Working as a professional construction or technical employee in the Netherlands: BoeG arranges it for you! Good pay, your wages in your account every week, all papers in place, insurance running, housing accommodation provided by us. BoeG can even arrange a car and accommodation for you. This makes working in the Netherlands easy for you, without any worries. You can fully concentrate on your job.

BoeG is a job agency and we have had experience in placing European craftsmen in the Netherlands since 1999. We are specialists in employing you in Holland. We arrange accommodation for you with a private room (free of charge!), your health insurance and everything that goes with it. This makes working in the Netherlands easy and we offer the best jobs with excellent salaries.

Are you a painter, plumber, plasterer, bricklayer, roofer, electrician, tiler, carpenter with experience and do you like what you read above? Then get in touch. Telephone: 0031-436010808 or send us an email:

BoeG is not only distinguished by quality, precision and enthusiasm, but also by a personal approach with an eye for the individual. We take personal preferences and situations into account so that we can offer good guidance and support for working and living conditions in the Netherlands.

Are you the skilled worker BoeG is looking for? Are you motivated and do you have technical knowledge and skills? Then send us your resume so we can find the right company for you. Or take a look at our vacancies online: you might find your dream job straight away. Is your job not included? Don’t worry: BoeG will find what you’re looking for!


BoeG is affiliated with the NBBU “Dutch Association for Mediation and Employment Agencies” and NEN 4400-1 certification. This connection and certification ensures reliable and precise operation.


If you work in the Netherlands, you will be registered with the Dutch Tax Office. That means you get a Sofi number (social security number). You can only get a Sofinummer with an ID card from an EU country.


You will be registered with a Dutch health insurance company. The Dutch Health Insurance works very closely with your own Health Insurance. You therefore remain registered with you own health insurance company. Registration with this health insurance takes place with the help of form E-106 (European 106).

Wages and payment

Salary payment is weekly. If you want to receive the wages on your own bank account, we need the IBAN number and Biccode from the bank account. Of course you can also open a Dutch account.

Housing Accommodation

If you need accommodation in the Netherlands, we can provide you this free of charge. We have some private houses and work together with various inns / guesthouses. You will always have your own, private bedroom. You usually share the living room, bathroom and kitchen with 2 or 3 other skilled workers.

If you do not have a car yourself, BoeG will be able to provide you with a car.


Many Dutch companies in the construction industry are used to working with European skilled workers. Furthermore, it can be said that the Dutch working atmosphere is pleasant. The hierarchy is less strong and using the first form is common. Almost all of our foreign employees are very enthusiastic about working in the Netherlands and about us.

Are you motivated and do you have technical knowledge and skills, please send us your CV so we can find the right company for you. Or give us a call!


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