There are many reasons to choose a job in Construction & Engineering at BoeG Job Agency. Read here what advantages you have with BoeG.

Everything well arranged!

An important spearhead at BoeG Uitzendbureau is involvement. We do everything we can to ensure that you can go to work happy and optimally prepared. And at the end of the day, preferably whistling, can go home again. So we certainly won’t leave you to your fate. Our account managers Tim, Tom and Erwin keep the lines short and regularly inform you how you are doing. They are looking for a company where you feel completely at home. A second strong point of BoeG is that we always pay on time and well; your wages have been transferred on Thursday around 13:00. We always pay according to the collective agreement anyway. Do you have a driver’s license, but no car yet? Then you can rent a real BoeG car at BoeG for little money. Do you need VCA or another certificate? Are you looking for housing as a labor migrant? Do you want to learn the Dutch language? We always think in terms of possibilities; a lot is possible at BoeG. Just walk in, we can probably mean something to each other.